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Friday, February 23, 2018

a foreign hand, voice...

Preface: I approached my Goddess with a question -  [ would she mind If I sessioned with a pro-domme on a business trip? ] - after some quick thought and conversation her answer was , sure - go for it.  (this is not the first time she's sent me to see a Domme.. but I think this is the first time she sent me without reservations or concerns that sometimes a relationship/marriage can have. - we're both older now and I think more secure in our love and loyalties - the trust or understanding is deeper and so is the knowledge of BDSM )

what adds a specific layer of fun or suspense to this is the additional dimension of mental play.. such as the pro domme replying with "I look forward to plotting and planning with your wife."

or after the session an email - "Hello Goddess.  I am sorry to report that I had an accident with your boy.  We were right near the end and I misjudged the stimulation and he had an unauthorized orgasm.  (Now I know what a slut he is for electro!) I do apologize for that.  It was not our plan nor my intention  I did make him recycle it and punished his balls afterward as a consolation to you. "


So Prior to the session and the morning of the trip I was to put on my DickCage, a silicone cage that allows for TSA Travel..  - I was to bring an additional plastic lock "Just in case" the Pro Domme and my Goddess had decided to allow me out to play.. realistically slut training, CBT, etc.. could after all be done without chastity removal....

----  Mistress Ayn was a seasoned professional, warm and welcoming but yet in control and centered you...

My session included some bondage, cbt, slut training, strap-on worship, sensory deprivation and electrics...  the T.E.N.S unit is what resulted in the accidental release and if it comes out it must go back in rule....  the accident happened at the last minute mark of the session, this was my fault.!!

I'm anxious to see what fall out there will be from the accident and I'm thankful to Mistress Ayn and Goddess Philotes for the effort that was spent.

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