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Thursday, March 8, 2018


Eight days later.. a ruined

So last night I got to pull another card...i pulled a red queen...i must say my luck has improved!!

Goddess edged my tied cock over and over.. finally driving me over the edge with zero contact.

Goddess didn't feed it to me but instead waited until post orgasm to remove the clothes  pins... oh my.. always hurts so good.

Thank you goddess.

A chaste slut.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

the best play is mental....

Since returning home and after an apology from both this slut and a pro-domme over an unauthorized release.. Goddess and I have played three times...

Our first session, second session, and third were all relatively quick and or impromptu - but; some of the best play in a long time, and; the play is always good!

Our first session saw Goddess using my slut cock for her pleasure and bringing it to edge many times after ending in denial.. Our second session saw goddess leaving my cock locked and tying my balls to a leash to tug on as I serviced her with my tongue and a dildo harness gag... it was explained this would continue for some time after that unauthorized release.

Our third session was a card game we play. from "Georgia Ivey Green - How to setup an FLR".

the card game ---  numbered cards (2-10), any of those - indicate the number of days until the slut can draw again (the card is not put back into the deck). If a face card (Jack, Queen, or King) he is allowed a ruined orgasm, and can play the next day. If an Ace is pulled - a stifled orgasm is allowed. If a colored Joker is pulled a full orgasm is allowed by Goddess' hand!, if a B&W is pulled a full orgasm is still allowed but by the slut's own hand and stroking at the direction of Goddess.

The third session.. I pulled a joker!!! though Goddess went through the deck and established by compare that I had pulled the b&w joker. I was allowed to have a full orgasm by my hand per her instruction!!! I felt an odd sense of Stockholm to my cage., a sense of anticipation for tease, a yearning for the unknown in cruelty, and all with an exuberance in want.

Goddess toyed with me a bit as to when to disrobe or not, inducing a few false starts, :P. Finally there I stood stroking away as she browsed a new twitter page discovered.  She first had me describe in detail the session I had with Mistress Ayn. After my accounting of the session, she scrolled through the pages upon pages of images... I asked if I may edge. she replied permitting the edges.. I then asked if I could come more near to see the images of debauchery she was scrolling through... as she scrolled through locked cocks, cocks in various states of tease and deny... Woman being serviced by bulls as their locked sluts watched, locked sissy sluts.. lastly she stopped upon a locked slut being fucked by a Mistress' strap-on.. she let me know that would soon be her, and; soon be me. My cock already throbbing bulged further as I asked if I could cum; her reply was without hesitation - "if you cum, where does that cum go?" her voice was cold and without waiver... I answered, I eat it, Goddess - she gave me permission to cum, I vigorously pumped away as I watched a little slut getting fucked while his Mistress had firm grasp of a humbler around his balls...

reflections... mea culpa!
It had been 8 days since a quasi ruined.. I should have realized that I wasn't going to nicely and gently cum into my hand!.. I spurt cum on Goddess' leg, bedding... and then mostly into my hand... not a good show - I hid any hesitation and quickly slurped up any cum in my hand and was off to right the wrong/errant cum from elsewhere.

cum eating... truth . reality...  cum eating kind of grosses out Goddess.. - she completely hid that.. she was unwavering and without any perceivable hesitation..  this is a complicated and convoluted subject..  1) making a slut eat their cum, really reinforces they're a SLUT! 2) making a man slurp his own cum reinforces they're a submissive SLUT. 3) how many men want/expect their partner to do it? ..  the moment Goddess without hesitation asked that question my cock / my headspace went a notch further... Thank you Goddess...

omission in session description.. I neglected to include the body worship in humbler that Mistress Ayn incorporated during our session.

I'm a lucky slut... indeed.

Friday, February 23, 2018

a foreign hand, voice...

Preface: I approached my Goddess with a question -  [ would she mind If I sessioned with a pro-domme on a business trip? ] - after some quick thought and conversation her answer was , sure - go for it.  (this is not the first time she's sent me to see a Domme.. but I think this is the first time she sent me without reservations or concerns that sometimes a relationship/marriage can have. - we're both older now and I think more secure in our love and loyalties - the trust or understanding is deeper and so is the knowledge of BDSM )

what adds a specific layer of fun or suspense to this is the additional dimension of mental play.. such as the pro domme replying with "I look forward to plotting and planning with your wife."

or after the session an email - "Hello Goddess.  I am sorry to report that I had an accident with your boy.  We were right near the end and I misjudged the stimulation and he had an unauthorized orgasm.  (Now I know what a slut he is for electro!) I do apologize for that.  It was not our plan nor my intention  I did make him recycle it and punished his balls afterward as a consolation to you. "


So Prior to the session and the morning of the trip I was to put on my DickCage, a silicone cage that allows for TSA Travel..  - I was to bring an additional plastic lock "Just in case" the Pro Domme and my Goddess had decided to allow me out to play.. realistically slut training, CBT, etc.. could after all be done without chastity removal....

----  Mistress Ayn was a seasoned professional, warm and welcoming but yet in control and centered you...

My session included some bondage, cbt, slut training, strap-on worship, sensory deprivation and electrics...  the T.E.N.S unit is what resulted in the accidental release and if it comes out it must go back in rule....  the accident happened at the last minute mark of the session, this was my fault.!!

I'm anxious to see what fall out there will be from the accident and I'm thankful to Mistress Ayn and Goddess Philotes for the effort that was spent.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Safe and Sane!!

So,, I went skiing.. my last post was about a great silicone cage.. now - I wrote that having worn this particular device many times.. and having run miles it it too..

well!!!! I don't recommend for skiing, lol ---- it chaffed.. I have a pretty good sore on the underneath of my penis now.. and that leads to the Safe and Sane portion.... if that happens.. stop all play with devices and treat any irritations!!.. after all if you're left with no cock to lock.. where is the fun in that!!!

on the sidelines for now...

a chaste slut.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Time to Ski!- and Travel...

*UPDATE - see next post after skiing! Safe and Sane!*

So our kids are in Ski club!.. that's great.. but.. at the same time..  what's the rule with "safe, sane, and consensual"?, if you think skiing with a metal or plastic chastity device on is a good idea I would encourage some more research!!!.. so, how do you do this and still keep the play alive if you and/or your key-holder prefer equipment to secure the package?

This chastity cage is great for sports AND travel.. use a plastic lock and you're completely TSA friendly..

It being made from silicone allows an impact without risk of permanent damage.. it's conceivable that your testicles could get a bit twisted hence the plastic lock.. you find a restroom and remove it before testicular torsion.. but the point is.. you CAN eat your cake and have it, too!

The only real sporting exception I could see here is biking.

now.. for Daily wear... without sports or travel..  and for the cost.. I can't say enough good things about this cage...  at $23.00 it's a ridiculous value, and the built in lock usually reserved multi-hundred devices.. no clank... clank.. clank that irritates Goddess is a BONUS :P

that's all for now.

a chaste slut.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

a Back Rub,, and an accidental ruined...

You may go close the doors...  a few words that are starting to a have a Pavlovian response for me. Having two children in the house requires locked bedroom doors, even a barrel lock to prevent craftiness with an emergency key- these kids are relentless!. A knock at the door is all to common though this night we escaped undisturbed!

This night I rubbed my Goddess' back while she shopped for some new toys, in our new agreement she is to spend $100 a month in support of a new fun. She allowed me to peek and discuss some of the items she browsed through. As she shopped she asked a serious question, Why/what do you most like about this dynamic..

Why? what you most like... this is an extremely difficult question! I answered the humility, the D/s aspect, to vague.. and she rightfully challenged me.. still though... as she browsed through strap ons... she pressed.. it's all of it.. it's cumulative for me. the power exchange , the release of control. the craving..   I told her if you just search images for "Femdom Husband Chastity"  and that's true.. but still not specific..

here is a wonderful post  Why in the Hell..

So after the massage Goddess instructed me to lay back on the bed.. she blindfolded me and rode my cock to an orgasm.. after this she pumped me to edge really quick, then another edge with a hard fast pump.. she released her grip and despite my efforts to resist I went over the edge.. I quickly wondered if I would be punished.. I hadn't asked.. I wasn't given permission.. I was sorry...

we briefly spoke of the trouble I had.. no punishment..   that's all for now!

a chaste slut.