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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

happy wife, happy life?

Marriage is about truth.. about real conversations.. if you hide things from your spouse.. you're cheating yourself!!!!

both of us are switch.. but both have a tendency to be more submissive....

going to turn keys over to outside domme...  both philotes_toy and moros_toy (aka.. Mistress Philotes)  are going to submit!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I'm baaaaack. with a purpose.. to educate... to empower.

Free resources!!!  both wonderful.  chastity teases amongst others. meet people in your community.. social networking.. free

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

getting into the lifestyle for the slave or keyholder - a great resource

36th Birthday is soon

So it's my birthday coming up soon.. last night I was awoken by an erection trying to escape the confines of the chastity cage.. this was to no avail.

As I laid awake waiting for the erection to fade a bit.. I recalled parts of the dream.. irony is that my cock being denied seems to have been what excited this male member oh so much.

In the dream My Mistress has restrained me with my ass and cock accessible.. she would stroke me to an edge.. then crop my ass until I was soft... she did this a few times and then asked me how many more times until 36?, birthday boy.

The 36th time she whispered .. it is your birthday though.. so I will let you cum...   she looked into my eyes with a smirk as she replaced the cage.  She saw the desperation building in my eyes and her smirk turned to laughter.  She replaced the unique serialized plastic lock on my cage and directed me to a towel on the floor; instructing in a cold voice that I assume an all fours stance positioning her locked cock over the dinner plate.

She explained she was going to stimulate my little slut hole but anything that leaked out would be mine to clean up with my slut tongue.

a chaste birthday slut.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

captions are always fun...

you know how people always say the book was better.. that can be the fun part of captions.. the video is nice .. but the mind can be so much more powerful.

Bing Images of Chastity Captions.. click here.

in chastity.