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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Safe and Sane!!

So,, I went skiing.. my last post was about a great silicone cage.. now - I wrote that having worn this particular device many times.. and having run miles it it too..

well!!!! I don't recommend for skiing, lol ---- it chaffed.. I have a pretty good sore on the underneath of my penis now.. and that leads to the Safe and Sane portion.... if that happens.. stop all play with devices and treat any irritations!!.. after all if you're left with no cock to lock.. where is the fun in that!!!

on the sidelines for now...

a chaste slut.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Time to Ski!- and Travel...

*UPDATE - see next post after skiing! Safe and Sane!*

So our kids are in Ski club!.. that's great.. but.. at the same time..  what's the rule with "safe, sane, and consensual"?, if you think skiing with a metal or plastic chastity device on is a good idea I would encourage some more research!!!.. so, how do you do this and still keep the play alive if you and/or your key-holder prefer equipment to secure the package?

This chastity cage is great for sports AND travel.. use a plastic lock and you're completely TSA friendly..

It being made from silicone allows an impact without risk of permanent damage.. it's conceivable that your testicles could get a bit twisted hence the plastic lock.. you find a restroom and remove it before testicular torsion.. but the point is.. you CAN eat your cake and have it, too!

The only real sporting exception I could see here is biking.

now.. for Daily wear... without sports or travel..  and for the cost.. I can't say enough good things about this cage...  at $23.00 it's a ridiculous value, and the built in lock usually reserved multi-hundred devices.. no clank... clank.. clank that irritates Goddess is a BONUS :P

that's all for now.

a chaste slut.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

a Back Rub,, and an accidental ruined...

You may go close the doors...  a few words that are starting to a have a Pavlovian response for me. Having two children in the house requires locked bedroom doors, even a barrel lock to prevent craftiness with an emergency key- these kids are relentless!. A knock at the door is all to common though this night we escaped undisturbed!

This night I rubbed my Goddess' back while she shopped for some new toys, in our new agreement she is to spend $100 a month in support of a new fun. She allowed me to peek and discuss some of the items she browsed through. As she shopped she asked a serious question, Why/what do you most like about this dynamic..

Why? what you most like... this is an extremely difficult question! I answered the humility, the D/s aspect, to vague.. and she rightfully challenged me.. still though... as she browsed through strap ons... she pressed.. it's all of it.. it's cumulative for me. the power exchange , the release of control. the craving..   I told her if you just search images for "Femdom Husband Chastity"  and that's true.. but still not specific..

here is a wonderful post  Why in the Hell..

So after the massage Goddess instructed me to lay back on the bed.. she blindfolded me and rode my cock to an orgasm.. after this she pumped me to edge really quick, then another edge with a hard fast pump.. she released her grip and despite my efforts to resist I went over the edge.. I quickly wondered if I would be punished.. I hadn't asked.. I wasn't given permission.. I was sorry...

we briefly spoke of the trouble I had.. no punishment..   that's all for now!

a chaste slut.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

when was the last time you were hugged?

What if you were always being hugged?  I love the feeling of my cock in the tube, anytime there is the slightest touch it reminds me of my predicament and my energy is focused on my Goddess.

Last night Goddess surprised me with a quick card game... pretty simple - 10-King = ruined, Ace=stifled, one Joker is GAME OVER/ all cards back in the deck and the other Joker is a full orgasm though Goddess gets to decide how... any other card is the number of days until I may draw again.

Goddess had me shuffle the cards.. I took my time and was thorough...  now usually I would just pull a card off the top of the deck.. but this occasion I thought it would be fun to see her expression before I saw my card.... so I pulled up half the deck or so and revealed that bottom card.. it was a five!! I could tell by her smirk it wasn't a face card!!!

So I confessed to her my regret in approach and asked if I could peek at the card I usually would have draw.. it was an ACE!!! ARGH, lol... well..  until next time. So instead I rubbed her feet with some lotion before we retired for the evening...

a chaste slut.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


WOW - it's a word that is often overused, underused, or plainly often used. It is used here for sure... WOW.  Our 90 day agreement started.

Men, how many know the feeling of their wife's pussy wrapped around their cock, that familiar warmth as your shaft plunges balls deep...  I thought I knew.. until last night. maybe it was the mind fuck that went along with it. See, I wasn't allowed to move., I wasn't allowed to open my eyes, I could only remain their motionless unless otherwise instructed.

My wife started me off wearing my chastity belt.. only released it a bit into the tease... she then rode my cock until she got off.. but then. but then she slowly fucked me, really focusing on using her pussy to envelop my cock, to stroke it, to squeeze it... my God!  what a rush.. I'm so close to an edge AND THEN STOP.

This was our first tease... she was concerned about how she would execute.. how she would get into character, etc.etc... I had asked to write into the contract to complete some milovana teases...

this is the series -

a chaste slut.


Monday, January 22, 2018

Happy Birthday - surreal...

Happy Birthday! - be careful what you wish for...

So.. tonight I'll close my eyes and blow out my birthday candles...  and I'll be thinking about "be careful what you wish for"...   it's surreal to me that I want my Goddess to lock my cock and push me past my limits?, but; I do.

I want to feel the "be careful what you wish for"... I want to be used.. I want to be tormented and frustrated.. I want to understand the head-space of a little slut that has two choices during a teasing session... continue or beg to stop... and actually beg to stop because they're so frustrated horny they cannot take it anymore...

My Goddess has completed reading her books and drafted a 90 day agreement to be signed.. I'm excited that I believe she is excited to try this!

Sunday our kids and life/universe stepped all over any fantasy/play we might have had planned.. but Sunday morning luckily we had squeezed in a little play session...  it had been a week since I had cum.. and yesterday I had a ruined orgasm - it was brilliantly ruined too - heavy stimulation to an edge and a grazing touch to send a pulsing cock over the edge.. I felt nothing but a warm liquid land onto my stomach.....

That's all for now...  I'm going to read this post later.. I love learning more of other's thoughts and the subject matter some good blogs linked there...

and a great resource here..

a chaste slut

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Story Time....

So as mentioned in earlier posts, Goddess is reading How to Setup an FLR ... tonight after a get together she attends with some women from subdivision she instructed me to close the doors to our bedroom and slide the lock....

I stood there my cock already twitching.. she instructed I undress.. now my cock was really twitching.. she had me crawl to the bed... and motioned I could climb in and lay next to her... she's nearing the end of the book.

She let me know I was to stroke her cock while she read some of the book.. she read the chapters aloud while I worked towards an edge.. she started with chapter " CBT for fun and punishment"  that was good to get me to my first edge.. then, "Milking and other Anal fun"  which was good for another edge.. and then my third edge came with "Fantasies"...

Georgia Ivey Green is the author and both Goddess and myself do really enjoy these books.. her writing is funny and creative - breathing a fresh air and taking some of the seriousness out of the play. that can really help overcome worries or a novice being too hard on themselves and sabotaging themselves...

I think Goddess is nearing an arrangement draft soon.. looking forward to it!.

cheers for now.